About ME


Personal Dates:

Name:            Hassan

F/name:        Hussein Ali

Last name:    Huseinyar

Date of Birth:        10 January 1989

Place of birth:          Balkhab district, Sar-e-pol Province.

Native Language:   Dari

Nationality:  Afghan

Marital status:         single

Sex:    Male

Add:   17th district, kotale khairkhana, Kabul_Afghanistan.


  • University:March 2013 graduated from faculty of Science Chemistry Department of Kabul University.
  • CIT: Oct/2009 took certificate of information technology (CIT) in Kabul University, Kabul.
  • CEL: December2008 Itoke certificate of English language (CEL) in Headway system, Kabul university faculty of Science.
  • High school: Feb/ 2004 finishing the secondary school from Balkhab District
  • Primary school: Feb 2007 graduate from high school, Sar-e-pool province Balkhab district.


Professional Experiences:


Civic Educator at Afghan Civil Society Forum organization(ACSFo)

21 My 2014 Up to Now

HR: Khwajah Mustafa Seddiqi|Senior Admin/ HR Officer


Duties and Responsibilities:    

Overall Responsibility:

Under the direct supervision of capacity building manger, the civic educator will be responsible to manage and organize civic education and advocacy related tasks which consist but not limited to coordination and preparation for civic education sessions, facilitate session based on the program requirement and guideline, facilitate community dialogues or pave the ground for sound facilitation of community dialogues on  community problems, report on the progress and evaluate civic education and advocacy related activities. The civic educator is also required to follow up on findings of community dialogues session with local government authorities to make sure community problems are addressed and clear advocacy plans are developed.

Position Objectives

The civic educator as main resource person within organization is responsible for conducting civic education sessions and following up on advocacy related issues, and is expected to achieve the following objective:

To empower communities for engagement in democratic processes through:

  • Enhancing community members’ civic knowledge and skills;
  • Involving communities in their own problems solving;
  • Encouraging individuals for civic activism.
  • Engagement in advocacy efforts with concerned local authorities for effective local governance

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Program, content wise and logistical preparations for civic education sessions.
  2. Coordinate with all stakeholder and community members on civic educations sessions and dialogues to make sure that program objectives are achieved in a professional manner.
  3. Facilitate civic education sessions based on the guidelines and program related documents.
  4. Prepare report, charts, graphs etc. to gauge and track the program progress within the target communities.
  5. Evaluate civic education sessions and progress on advocacy related issues.
  6. Build and enhance civic activist’s civic skills and provide them with tools to support and encourage civic activism within the target communities.
  7. In coordination with capacity building manager, manage and conduct district and provisional level dialogues and follow up with local authorities as PCs, DDAs, and line ministries to ensure community problems are addressed and citizen issues are raised.
  8. Help to ensure that ACEP project activities in civic education and advocacy components are well-coordinated.
  9. Establish and strengthen effective relationships and communication with organization different department, Counterpart International, CSOs and communities.
  10. Ensure that gender sensitization and awareness have been incorporated in various kinds of services, trainings and activities provided to target communities.
  11. Participate in the development of work plans/Action Plans, assessments etc.
  12. As requested, assist in planning for, facilitate and/or participate fully in meetings and ad hoc working groups.
  13. Keep informed of Civil Society issues and developments in Afghanistan.
  14. Other job related duties and responsibilities, as assigned by the supervisor.

Report writer and technical assistant at Policy Board of National Coalition of Afghanistan 

September24/2013- July 2014

Chief: Mr. Sayed Hussain Eshraq Chief of Policy board

Contact: 0797233188

E-mail: policyboard1@gmail.com

Duties and Responsibilities:    

  • Attending to the meetings as an assistant.
  • Taking note from the meeting for preparing the report of the meetings.
  • Writing the report of the meetings.
  • Helping with chief to other formal writing as letters.
  • Printing the meeting notes for the attendance.
  • Checking the E-mails and Facebook of the chief sometimes.
  • Inviting Policy board members to the meeting and answering the phone calls.


Data Reporting Officer at Media Mark Afghanistan Company

September 02/2012 – February 15/2013

Chief: Mr. Naser Totakhil 0786200944

Duties and Responsibilities:    

  • Supervise Data Entry Officers;
  • Supervise the Data Entry Process;
  • Quality Control and Submit Daily Reports to Clients before 14:00;
  • Defining New Campaigns;
  • News Monitoring;
  • And the tasks assigned by Management;

Daily Work schedule:

8:00-11: NEWS Monitoring;

11:00-200: Preparing Data Report and submit Daily Report to client;

2:00-4:00: Data collecting and Quality control of Data;

Note 😦 I resigned from this job because of my 4th class exams in Kabul University they were touched)

Unofficial assistant of Kobra Mustafavi, she is attorney in Afghanistan Parliament from Kabul Province.

May 2012-July 2014

Chief: Kobra Mustafavi 0799534664

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the NEWS and Reporting what happened during the week.
  • Doing library research about tasks assigned by Ms.Mustafavi.
  • Writing passages for answering the people and condition in the society.
  • Checking the Facebook account of Ms.Mustafavi and sharing with her.
  • Answering the comments and posts on Facebook.
  • Checking the E-Mail of Mustafavi2012@gamil.com that belongs to Ms.Mustafavi.
  • Sending E-Mails to others that is assigned by attorney and replying the E-Mails.
  • Giving the solutions for the social activities.
  • And tasks assigned by attorney.


Trainer of peace building workshop at (AYNCA) Afghan Youths National Coordination Assembly

(March 2011 – June 2012)

Chief: Mr. M.Aziz Asefi 0788881751

Duties and Responsibilities:

Base line serve for peace shura preparing of workshops and creating of peace shura and trainer for members of shura preparing reports of the project and also teaching materials checking finances and management and evaluation of project also super visioning of the project training of trainers of peace education.


Trainer of Carrier Development of Youths Coordination Training center at (AYNCA) Afghan Youths National Coordination Assembly

{March 2011 – July2011}

Chief: Mr. M.Aziz Asefi 0788881751

Duties and Responsibilities:

Training of 25 teachers of schools and controlling and management of peace building preparing of monthly plan monthly report choosing Trainers maintain workshops preparing materials training of fifty trainers in Kabul.

Peace educator Supervisor in members of research of Committee for peace education curriculum and developed session.

Activities that I have done in AYNCA

  • Teaching peace education in Karte Naw Kabul Afghanistan
  • Teaching school subjects like chemistry and biology for 3 month of winter.
  • Training 25 peace educational trainers in Kabul city
  • Trainer of 22 workshop’s for teacher government staff, Workshops, mullahs and different organization in Kabul, from 2009 – 2012
  • Team leader for more than 24 workshops in karte Naw districts.
  • Trainer and coexistence program
  • Team leader of network program
  • Correction & edit of books
  • Make every minute count
  • Feedback
  • Be positive
  • Every one can win
  • Training of 40 persons during six months in two periods by TOT (training of trainers) system 2011– 2012

Trainer in Gawharshad institute of Higher Education

May 2012- October 2012

For two hours 6:00-8:00Am

Chancellor: Mr. Elham Gharji (GIHE Dean) egharji@gmail.com

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Preparing the class tools
  • Preparing Training materials
  • Preparing of Training Handout
  • Preparing of Training presentations
  • Presenting the workshops
  • Checking the area of Training
  • Controlling the workshop
  • Preparing the test questions
  • Testing the participants
  • Checking the test papers
  • Preparing the workshop report

Other Related Experiences:

  • (Feb 2005-July 2005) teacher in Balkhab district human right management
  • (2005-2007) Chemistry teacher at sayed Jamaludden high schoolin Balkhab district
  • (2007-2008) Chemistry teacher in Duniae Elm high school in Kabul.
  • Graphic designer of Rayeha weekly (2010-2011) in Kabul.
  • (Sep2010- 2011) Chemistry teacher at Haadi student dormitory in Kabul. For night shift.
  • From 8/06/2011-9/06/2011Trainer as a participant presentation in TOT course at SDO inKabul.

Data entry officer at Rayeha Weekly

Jan 2010-2011

Part time 1:00 -4:00 PM

Manager: Sultan masood Muhib 0799613222

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To type all 4 pages topics of Rayeha weekly.
  • Editing topics of weekly for review print.
  • Preparing topics of weekly for final print.
  • Printing topics of weekly for NEWS manager.
  • Reading all topics for test.
  • Editing topics of writers.
  • Reviewing sent topics of writers.
  • Offering letters for print to manager.
  • To type all letters of manager.

Trainer in peace education at OPPAW (Organization of Peace Propagation and promotion for Afghan women)

{Jan 2010 – Feb2011}

Manager: Sultan Masood Muhib 0799613222

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Preparing of training plan and teaching materials
  • Supervisor of teachers
  • Preparing report to the office
  • Checking of attendance chart of staff
  • Getting ready to the training of teachers

Technical General Director in Allama-e-Shahid Sayed Esmile Balkhi Cultural-social Foundation

{Apr2009- 2010}

Chief: Ms. Sediqa Balkhi 0700202303

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Controlling of offices
  • Controlling of staffs
  • Preparing of work plan
  • Preparing of reports
  • Teaching of reports
  • Controlling of technical systems

Workshops and seminars attended

  • Feb 10- Mar 22, 2012 Training on Proposal writing in Fardayee Naween Association, Kabul
  • Sep 12-15,2009, Training on Human Rights in Kabul Youths Cultural Social Organization (KYCSO)
  • Jan 4-Feb 4, 2011 Training on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in Sanayee Development Organization (SDO)
  • Feb 5-Marchl 5 Training on Training of Trainers (TOT) in (SDO)
  • March 5 – 5 April Training on Project Management in (SDO)
  • April 6 – 6May Training on Do No Harm and Gender in (SDO)
  • May 7 – June 9 Training on Community Mobilization and Participant Presentation in (SDO)
  • August 05, 09, 2011, Systemic conflict transformation workshop, Cooperation Center for Afghanistan (CCA).
  • Jun 26 – 28, 2010, Gender in peace building workshop, CARE Kabul Afghanistan
  • Mar 18-21, 2010, Management workshop in (KYCSO), Kabul Afghanistan
  • August 17 – 25, 2005, Base line survey development workshop, CARE
  • August 22 – 23 , 2010, TOT (Training of Trainers), CCA
  • August 14 – 18,2011, Peace education workshop, Sanayee institute of education and learning (SIEAL) Kabul
  • August 05 – 20, 2009, Workshop in new training methodology (SIEAL),Kabul Afghanistan

Workshop and seminars Delivered

Workshop and Seminars Delivered in different places:

  • Peace building and conflict Resolution
  • Community mobilization
  • Report writing
  • Administrative letters writing
  • Training of trainers (TOT)
  • Do No Harm
  • Human rights
  • Gender

Additional Skills

  • Able to manage accounts and management.
  • Good communication and body language
  • TOT
  • Good official writing
  • Good speech skill between the people
  • Typing and Internet
  • Maintenance and relief equipment

Computer skills

  • Windows XP, Seven and 8
  • Office 2010 and 2013
  • Typing/Data entry
  • Internet Explorer
  • Basic Hardware

Language Skills

Language Reading Writing Speaking Understanding
Dari Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent
Pashto Good Good Good Fluent
English fair fair Fair Fair



Language Speed
Dari 50wpm(50 word per minute)
English 50wpm(50 word per minute)
Pashto 40 wpm(40 word per minute)


  • Graduated from chemistry Department of Faculty of Science from Kabul University, Kabul Afghanistan.
  • Graduated from Sayed Jamaluddin High School from Balkhab District.
  • Graduated from Training class of TOT for 6 month in Kabul.
  • Graduated from Training English Language center in Kabul.
  • Graduated from Training of CIT in Kabul University.
  • Highly motivated, well organized, hard working, dedicated, with a positive attitude.
  • Capable of handling multiple assignments under pressure and able to meet tight deadlines.
  • Professional appearance and strong work ethic.
  • Enjoy working in a challenging environment.


  • Reading success and self-helping books
  • Reading leadership books and watching leadership videos
  • Reading more and more Book
  • Reading NEWS Paper and magazine about Social Topics
  • Watching NEWS service of TV
  • Working long times on Computer
  • Searching on Internet about Self-helping and Leadership.


  • Aziz Asefi

Director of Vocational Training Centers for Disabled and martyred families and Chief of AYNCA (Afghan youths National Coordination Assembly)

Phone No: 0788881751

Email: Afghan.youths@gmail.c


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